MinnEshcol Wines

I had been involved in the Hebrew Roots/Messianic Jewish version of Christianity since 1996/1997 so I wanted to create a label that reflected my faith. I remembered that the 12 spies from Numbers 13 brought back a huge cluster of grapes from the Valley of Eshcol. And I live in Minnesota so I figured I needed to include Minnesota in the label design.

After staring at a bunch of images and experimenting with different names I realized that the top of map of the state of Minnesota had 3 points….like the top half of the Star of David.

In Hebrew one of the meanings of the preposition min (מִן) is “from”. Eshcol (אֶשְׁכֹּל) means cluster.

I immediately saw the mash up of MinnEshcol as a reference to the Minnesota Eshcol valley….which doesn’t really exist. 😉 I then saw the double meaning of “From Cluster(s)”. I knew I had my label name and I knew the combination of the Minnesota map and the Star of David would be a good iconic representation of MinnEshcol.